Ohad Zwigenberg 

Ohad fell in love with photography , when he was woking in a Duty Fee shop on a Cruise ship. The beauty of surrounding sunsets of the Mediterranean sea and the unforgettable urban landscapes of the European cities he past by during work helped him to develop a unique angle of view on the surrounding world and made him realise his passion to photography. 

In 2007 Ohad began working as a photographer in a local newspaper "Yedioth Modiin” and then worked also for few years at internet news service “Ynet” and currently his a stuff photographer for the major Israeli newspaper "Yedioth Ahronoth”.

Ohad lives in the capital of Israel ,Jerusalem therefor his work involved a lot around the topics of Conflict and Faith , photographing important events of Israeli - Palestinian conflict in Israeli and West Bank , as well as many religious events in he holiest city for three major religions (Judaism , Islam and Christianity )                                                                                 ohad works also presented in the photography magazine "the archive" under this link: www.thearchivemag.com/home.html 



2014- "Local Testimony " .Choosing news category curator / 3 st Prize -                  Urbanism and Culture category / The group exhibition "Operation                Protective Edge"

2014- "1st Prize exhibition on the subject of religious liberty city free Israel.

2013-  "Local Testimony " 1 st Prize - news category                                                   (click on this line to view the image)                                                                   - Singles/ 2 st Prize -  Urbanism and Culture category Wit a series                 of images, and  selecting the exhibition curator .

2013- Category and selecting the exhibition curator  in  "Nature Photo                    Exhibition " .

2012- "Local Testimony " 2 st Prize -Urbanism Category - Singles  .

2011-  "Local Testimony " 1 st Prize -news Category - Singles.


Selected group and solo exhibitions 

2014- " Local Testimony " - Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv

2014- " liberty city free Israel " . - Jerusalem - Israel 

2014-   solo exhibion - agronski coffee. -Jerusalem - Israel

2014 -" tel aviv photo ". 

2013- " Local Testimony " - Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv

2013- " Nature Photo Exhibition " .

2012- " Local Testimony " - Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv

2012-   solo exhibion-alice coffee.

2011- " Local Testimony " - Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv

2011- Final Master Class Workshop exhibition in Tel Aviv Port

2010- " Graduates Exhibition Camera Obscura